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can’t get enough

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Photo 27 Aug 2 notes Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos by MyWizardHat on Flickr.
Photo 26 Aug 6 notes Tera Melos, Strahov 007, pt.1 by ondral on Flickr.
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So happy this is real


So happy this is real

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Spiritual Bankruptcy, the cool little hardcore punk EP by Bygones, is FREE on their bandcamp page. Bygones is a collaboration between Zach Hill (Hella, Death Grips) and Nick Reinhardt (Tera Melos).

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Photo 21 Aug 8 notes Tera Melos @kazimier Liverpool by Tomas Adam on Flickr.
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i have an unhealthy obsession with math rock it’s getting out of hand

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Tera Melos - 40 Rods to the Hog’s Head

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